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More Felony Can Now be Expunged in Mississippi

By Geoffrey Calderaro As of July 1, 2019, more felony convictions than ever before may now be subject to expungement in Mississippi. The new law allows for the expungement of one conviction from all public records five years after the successful completion of all terms and conditions

Equifax Data Breach Settlement | Federal Trade Commission

Affected by the Equifax breach? How to file a claim. In September of 2017, Equifax announced a data breach that exposed the personal information of 147 million people. The company has agreed to a global settlement with the Federal Trade Commission, the Consumer Financial Protection Bu

Uninsured Motorists Coverage and Government Immunity

The 5th Circuit Court of Appeals recently issued a decision in McGlothin vs. State Farm Mutual Insurance Company interpreting the Mississippi Uninsured Motorists (UM) statute and its application to auto accidents involving governmental employees operating government vehicles. The opin
Tom Suszek

Suszek Presents Paper

Tom Suszek recently presented a paper at the University of Mississippi Law School concerning the legal and ethical considerations of an attorney’s handling of client and third-party funds. The session was part of the New Lawyer Training program sponsored by the University’

Parking Enforcers Who Chalk Tires Violate The Constitution, Court Rules : NPR

Source: Parking Enforcers Who Chalk Tires Violate The Constitution, Court Rules : NPR

Employers can go deep into your background but must avoid pitfalls – Mississippi Business Journal

Employers can go deep into your background but must avoid pitfalls Posted by: Ted Carter in MBJ FEATURE, Personnel, Small Business March 14, 2019 By TED CARTER Mississippi pretty much leaves it to the federal government to regulate job and credit background screenings of state residen


Last week, the Mississippi Supreme Court reviewed a certified question from the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals addressing an insurance carrier’s right to seek subrogation and indemnity following a purported “voluntary” settlement. The First Circuit submitted the following questions: 1

Slips, Trips or Falls the Three Types and Responsibilities

Slips, Trips or Falls, The Real Law Interrupting the news last night was a lawyer telling anyone who slips, trips or falls in a place of business or store to call so they can help you get you ‘the money you deserve.’ Having spent a good portion of the last 20 years handling these type

Holcomb Dunbar Trial Win

Congratulations to our trial team of Jonathan Masters and Geoffrey Calderaro on a jury trial win for Holcomb Dunbar’s client involving contested liability in a high speed, head-on auto accident in Lafayette County.

Mississippi Expungement Law Update

Mississippi Expungement Law Update Mississippi Supreme Court decisions regarding expungements are rare. However, on September 25, 2018, the Mississippi Supreme Court handed down its decision in Ferguson v. Mississippi Department of Public Safety, reaffirming the Court’s 2015 Stallwort